Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thanks to the Convenient Mann for sponsoring Wednesday's performance by the Hollis Town Band on the Common. It was a wonderful setting for the Hollis Band whose full sound really filled the open air. In white shirts and black trousers, and all that brass in hand, the Band looked as big as their sound filled the field. Their range of music ws appreciated by the crowd.

Big thanks to everyone who brought their vehicle to make Vehicle Night a success. If you did not get a chance to see the Fire Department's new Forestry truck, you need to check it out sometime at the station. And be looking for the new pumper/tanker soon. The Postal Service was generously passing out free postcards and all those vintage cars provoked memories of road trips and Sunday drives.

It was fun to take a stroll up onto the gazebo and look down on the band and see what our other performers see when they perform up there. Try it sometime before the bands set up and take a look. We are a handsome audience!

Miss the show? Take a look on Youtube .

See you next week to hear the Radio Kings.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hollis Town Band Tonight!

Come on down Wednesday evening for a big night of music and more. The Hollis Town Band will be on hand to provide their wonderful musical performance.

And it will be Vehicle Night. Trucks, cars, really cool stuff.

The Common Chefs will make sure no one goes hungry. And those partial to Chocolate Eclairs will not go unsatisfied. Check out the Seniors table for gifts and novelties and buy a chance to win this year's quilt. We are close to fifty donations for two Red Sox tickets, generously donated by BAE so don't put off donating too long.

It should be a great night for everyone. See you there - 6:30PM on the Common.