Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Transistors are Cool (no matter the weather)

Yes, it was a warm one yesterday eve... BUT

The Transistors put on a totally cool show ....

... with special thanks to concert sponsor: the Dunstable Cultural Council

And to the fans!

And for the first time EVER .... there was dancing on the common!

There are no "bad seats" on the common!

Kids stayed cool - and got a little wet - with soaker balls!

Kids and "Big Kids" had some water balloon fun!

See you next week on the common!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cool as a concert!

Don't let the heat and humidity keep you in for the night... it's concert time! And The Transistors have a way of taking your mind off of those little things that may be bringing you down!

Simply put: It's summer time! And in about six months from now you’ll be looking for a memory to call on… a summer-time evening to think back on warmly will do that nicely.

So, pull out a picnic blanket or lawn chair, and sit yourself down front and center on the common and enjoy the show!