Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 12 2009

The Rampage Trio played tonight under dark clouds but drove away any showers with their rock and roll with a bluesy edge.

This is the last Concert on the Common for this summer and was our original rain date. Despite a rainy start to the series, we had a great late July and August.

But like summer, the concerts too have to come to an end. We all thank everyone who have made the concerts possible, from those who set up tables, to those who staffed them and made a lot of people happy with books, raffle tickets, and ice cream. Don't forget the hard work of the Common Chefs, and the Mr. Horton's honey which is the very best. Most of all, all of you who came down and enjoyed the concerts inspired the musicians.

Click here to view some photos on Youtube.

The Committee

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