Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pluses and minuses of living in New England.

Sometimes the weather cooperates, but since this is New England, sometimes it’s just too windy to offer hot air balloon rides. Those that were there bore witness to the two helium balloons that were tossed up and down and side to side making their point of just how windy it was up there a few feet above the ground. We will try to reschedule this very special event with the good people at RE/MAX.

Exhibit A: Two helium balloons blowing in the wind. (Too windy for the RE/MAX Hot Air balloon to launch :-(

Other than the wind, it was a perfect evening to kick off the 10th Annual Summer Concert Series on the Dunstable Common with some great bluegrass musicians …. from Maine.

Summer Concert founding members Sue & Paul

Good night & see you next week on the common!

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