Sunday, August 4, 2013

July concerts & updates!

After a rain out on the 10th the July concerts were HOT! The Transistors brought their cool “Sounds of the Sixties,” The Hollis Town Band came all out with their big band (on Vehicle Night!) and then Brian Templeton put on THE BEST Blues performance we’ve ever seen in Dunstable!

More good news: We’ll be making up the rained out Kim Poesse Band concert – on August 17th at the Grange Fair.  It’s a Saturday afternoon concert so come on down to the Grange Fair, check out the winners under the tent then sit down and enjoy the show!

We’ve got two more Wednesday evening concerts: We have Matuto to play their Brazilian Bluegrass on August 7th and The Bel Airs will Doo-Wop their way back to Dunstable on August 14th

Here are some pictures from our July concerts:

 "Selling" ice cream?
 The Transistors
 Vehicle Night as it could only be done in Dunstable!
 Hollis Town Band
 Hula hoop fun from Hoopabout !
 The Brian Templeton Band
Brian Templeton
Our gratitude to the Dunstable Cultural Council!
See you on The Common!

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