Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cool jazz on a hot summer night

There’s a saying about the weather in New England …. If you don’t like it wait 10 minutes.

Nothing could have been more true late yesterday afternoon as the scattered thunderstorms that had peppered the radar for most of the day parted for blue sky (and I’ve got the picture to prove it!) and dare I say almost refreshingly cooler temperatures.

(see, blue sky?)
In the crowd of approximately 175 young and old alike bounced and bopped to the jazzy sounds of The Trude Witham Group.

We are also grateful to have had The Dunstable Minuteman on hand to assist with our ice cream sales …and really how fun was it to see one of those militia guys swinging along to the jazz?! (Unfortunately that part of the show was over the minute I got my camera out !)
We also had our fundraising “trash-to-treasure” table.

The July 9 concert was sponsored by Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union.

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