Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Sounds of the Sixties"

At least 275 people were on the Town Common last night to take in the “sounds of the sixties.” The Transistors put on a lively show performing countless classic rock hits from the 60’s including at least one ditty that got a certain concert committee member AND a certain long-time town resident who puts out a certain-monthly-newsletter up and twisting. (You gals are lucky I’d already put my camera down “and you know what I mean.”)

The July 16 concert was sponsored by LowellFive, and by a generous contribution from the Dunstable General Store & Gas.

The Dunstable Farmers Market joined us on the Common (and they’ll be back on July 30 & August 6).

... and the Dunstable Knitters Group assisted with our ice cream sales.

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